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Stress helps us adapt to life’s challenges. However, stress that continues too long creates negative effects in related areas of the mind and body, including the brain, the gut and the immune system (McEwen, 2004). Prolonged stress contributes to difficult physical and mental health conditions (Miller, Chen & Zhou, 2007). Symptoms of it affect us in a variety of ways:

o Physically: Tight muscles, pain, sleep problems, headaches, high blood pressure
o Emotionally: Anxiety, depression, irritability
o Mentally: Forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating and completing work
o Behaviorally: Overeating, overuse of pain medications, reduced mobility and physical activity
The good news is that recent research into massage therapy benefits indicate regular massage supports the immune system and relieves anxiety. To consult with Diana about how therapeutic massage can help you relieve stress and anxiety and improve the quality of your life, contact her at: 414-678-9294 or by e-mail at

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