Dave Degen, Farmer:

I have had neck and back surgery, but I still have problems because my work is very physical. I started seeing Diana in 2010 and have gotten great relief. She gives a great deep tissue massage. She has relieved a lot of pain in my body and saved me money on medical bills. I have been getting massages for 30 years and Diana has helped me the most. She cares about how you feel. She loves what she does.

Karin, Triathlete and Social Worker:

I have received several types of massage from Diana, including prenatal massage. I knew she was exceptional from her deep tissue and sports massage, and I was also pleased with her prenatal services! Diana relieved the additional stress and tension I felt in target areas where pregnancy was taking the greatest toll while providing the same level of relaxation and comfort. Her skills demonstrate the breadth of knowledge she has about the body in all stages of life while personalizing each individual’s needs.  I know that I will continue to see Diana for massage throughout my life and would recommend her to anyone!

Betsy, Artist:

Diana is among many massage therapists I have seen in the last 10 years, and she has quickly become the one most in tune with what my body needs and wants. She is attentive through an entire massage, making sure you are comfortable with her pressure and technique, of which, by the way, is the most relaxing I have experienced. I often doze off – only to wake and realize I have missed the pleasure of her touch!

Don, Tree Stump Removal Business:

When I met Diana I couldn’t lift my hand up to shoulder level and it had been like that for 2 years. After several weeks of massage sessions with Diana, I could once again lift my hand over my head. Since I keep trashing my body regularly with the work I do, now I get a massage to help me avoid injury and to keep working. With deep tissue massage, Diana can get out any pain or kink I have. Try her once and you’ll come back – guaranteed.